The City of Cumming is a municipal corporation duly organized in the State of Georgia. It is governed by a Mayor and a five-member Council who are elected city-wide by Post, each serving 4 year terms. Municipal elections are held on a staggered schedule every two years with the offices of Mayor and Council Posts 1 and 2 being held together and Council Posts 3, 4 and 5 being held together.

The Town of Cumming was first charted by the State of Georgia in 1834, and in 1845 a second charter was issued designating The City of Cumming as Mayor and Council form of government.

Troy Brumbalow

Elected November 7, 2017 and sworn into office on January 2, 2018.

Council Member
Chad Crane

Elected in a run-off election on Dec 5, 2017. He was sworn into office on Jan 2, 2018.

Council Member
Jason Evans

Elected November 7, 2017 and sworn into office on January 2, 2018.

Council Member
Lewis Ledbetter

Elected to office in 1970, taking office January 1971.

Council Member
Linda Ledbetter

Elected to office on Nov. 3, 2015, and was sworn into office Jan. 19, 2016.

Council Member
Christopher Light

Elected to office on Nov. 3, 2015, and was sworn into office Jan. 19, 2016.


City Administrator manages the daily operations of the city, executes the policies set forth by the Mayor and Council and oversees the heads of all the city departments.  Those departments are:

  1. Administration
      1. City of Clerk’s Office/Accounting
      2. Human Resources
      3. Public Information
  2. Utilities
      1. Water Production
      2. Water Distribution
      3. Water Pollution Control
      4. Utilities Billing
  3. Cumming Fairgrounds
      1. Mary Alice Park
  4. Cumming 1923 Historic School
      1. Cumming Playhouse
      2. Brannon Heard House
  5. Planning and Zoning
  6. Police
      1. Castleberry Community Building
  7. Municipal Court
  8. Recreation and Parks
  9. Aquatic Center
  10. Streets

City Hall

The first city hall was a small building located on the northeast corner of the courthouse grounds, near the historic bandstand. During the early years, it served mainly as a Police and Fire station. In 1974, a new city hall was built at 301 Veterans Memorial Blvd. the facility that now houses the Cumming Police Department.

In 2002, debt free upon completion, the current City Hall located at 100 Main Street opened its doors to the public.

Due to the frugal financial management of the City of Cumming and by order of the Mayor and Council, there have been no city property taxes excised since 1986.

You may contact the Mayor and Council at the following address:

City of Cumming
100 Main Street
Cumming, Ga.  30040

Public Information

The City of Cumming’s Public Information Division was established in early 2015 with the purpose of providing timely and accurate information to the public, city employees, and members of other governmental entities, as needed.

The Public Information Division works to promote city services, amenities, meetings, and events through a range of communications tools such as the city’s website, promotional materials, and media notifications.

The division also oversees all Open Records Act Requests received by the City of Cumming. Crystal Ledford, Public Information Assistant, is the city’s designated Records Officer, as of city council approval in February 2015. All Open Records Requests should be submitted to her at or by calling (770) 781-2010.